When we began building Sosius, we wanted it to be the world’s most flexible and extendable online collaboration, office and networking tool. So we created it from the ground up with 3rd party open access for server side or client applications through a standard API.


Access both the social data that links people, networks and groups, and the data stored by users within their workspaces.


Extract or integrate the network data that users within your groups have on Sosius with additional functionality or tools.


Post and extract all your data directly to and from all item types - files, folders, databases etc. Fully integrate Sosius online storage and collaboration tools within your users desktops. Build online and desktop applications such as a Google map mash-up of your networks, make desktop widgets, provide powerful syncing tools with full permissions and version controls.

Start Developing

Sign up for your free account and click on the developers link from your workspace. This will give you access to all the documentation you’ll need to get started.