Help your contacts enjoy the recognition they deserve and in return Sosius will reward you with an iPad Mini!

At Sosius we are all about working together – an award winning collaboration platform, accessible from any internet connected device. Powerful, flexible, with an easy-to-use interface.

Change the way you work

Connecting people to real-time knowledge and unlocking ideas, gets everyone working better together. Recognizing individuals for their good work confirms that their work is valued, they maintain and improve their good work and in turn their satisfaction and productivity rises.

Work better together

Direct performance feedback for individuals, teams and cross-functional groups ensure that teamwork between employees is enhanced. With greater employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work, individuals spend more time focusing on the job, improving productivity and the retention of quality employees increases.

Accelerate Innovation

Collaboration improves communication, you can learn faster, ask questions, create and post ideas, and accelerate the flow of information that turns ideas into innovative business applications.

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Improve individual performance and recognition; enhance productivity and employee satisfaction, in turn increasing the value to your organisation.
All for One, One for All

Terms & Conditions: Applies to new Sosius customers. For qualification, minimum deal size 25 users on a 12 month contract. One signed customer referral qualifies iPad Mini 16GB. Two or more signed customer referrals qualifies for iPad 16GB with retina display.