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Advanced Applications 

Innovation Board

Improve your company's competitive edge by creating open lines of communication and crowd sourcing new ideas from your employees and clients. By supporting multiple product lines and departments you can generate recognition programs based on who has the best ideas, how many votes those ideas receive and respond directly to the idea via email.

Sosius will be extending the suite of Advanced Applications over the coming months.


Core Applications


Organize your content, drag and drop files, see who’s done what when and set up notifications for automatic email updates when an action happens. A flexible Folder structure allows for accurate and focused mapping of your content and processes, and with granular permission levels down to individual items, users and groups only see what you want them to see. 


Manage and coordinate your teams and events via the shared Calendar. Make it impossible to forget with the ability to set repeating events, sync your Sosius Calendar with other calendars (Google Calendar/Outlook/Mac Calendar) and allow external contacts to access your schedule if needed. 


Creating Discussion areas for your team, projects and clients to enhance knowledge transfer and encourage feedback. Support multiple threaded discussions, respond to comments by email, keep complete records but close out old discussions when they become obsolete. 


Keep your Projects and teams on track in one place. View each Project's Tasks assigned to groups, multiple or individual users in tabular or Gantt chart format, set up a template of Tasks and save as a Custom Application for easy reuse, link tasks to your Calendars with reminders and summarise all tasks across your entire workspace. 


Keep your team and the world at large up to speed with your latest thoughts. Link to your Blogs to Twitter, allow readers to receive email notifications and create an RSS stream linked to third party services such as Google Feed Burner to broadcast your message to the widest possible audience.  


Capture your business data in simple yet powerful online Databases.  Choose from 17 different column types, annotate records with comments, files, tasks and polls and apply approval steps, password protection, email alerts and other custom workflow. Import content via CSV, email publishing or online forms and track activity with detailed reporting linked to Excel.


Custom Applications

With one click Application creation it has never been easier to combine Core Applications, content and data templates to target specific business processes and deploy your Custom Application to individuals, groups or teams within your company or broader business ecosystem. 

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