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One of the most powerful features on the Sosius platform, the streaming Dashboard lets you stay on top of exactly what is happening in your world. With filtering on item type, specific users, groups or content areas and the ability to access, edit or comment directly on any item in the stream, all in real-time, true team collaboration has never been easier.

Document Management

The Sosius platform provides comprehensive document management capabilities. The core Folder application allows you to organize your content in a comprehensible framework, while Filename and In Document Search help users locate the material they need quickly. Inline Document Preview and Editing features save time by avoiding unnecessary downloads. Content can be protected using the Locking feature, and file Versioning and Rollback let you recover previous versions of files if required. Statistics and Audit let you trace back to confirm exactly who did what when. Where required Local Drive Mapping lets users access and update content held on the Sosius platform via a local network drive.


Collaboration is all about People so Sosius provides easy means to reach out to, stay in touch with and organize People in your Network and the Permissions they have on your content. Now with intuitive LinkedIn integration to facilitate knowledge sharing within your broader business network.


Instant one-to-one and many-to-many Chat, email Notifications and Alerts, Daily Digests, email Publishing, Commenting, RSS feeds and Twitter updates give you easy and efficient means to communicate in real-time, on a scheduled basis, within your team or to a broader audience.  


Using the latest HTML 5 technology we have redesigned Sosius for your smartphone giving you the full power of Sosius on the go! Check out the latest activity via the mobile dashboard, view your workspaces and files, send group messages, discuss issues in realtime chat and much more.


Now your entire team can communicate through any channel and access everything they need to wherever they are, you need to make sure they comply with your established business procedures. With Sosius Workflow you can reflect the most complex and rigorous processes making it easier for your team to coordinate and ensuring everything happens in the right order.

Company Management 

For subscribers to the Company Plan, Sosius provides efficient means to manage their user base and ensure that company knowledge is effectively shared and retained. Bulk User Imports and Invitations and a central Company Workspace are just some of the ways Sosius makes life easier for administrators, while the Company Branding feature lets them fit the Sosius platform to their overall company look and feel.   

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