The creativity, passion, and innovation that our clients bring to the Sosius platform mean our "All for one, one for all" motto is constantly reinforced across the key industries and functions highlighted below and beyond. More than 300 companies are using Sosius to improve individual and team performance, enhance productivity and employee satisfaction and in turn increase value within their organisation.

General Solutions

Project Delivery

Ensuring the right information is in the hands of the right people at the right time is central to ensuring successful project delivery.  The Sosius platform's structured content delivery, user grouping and fine granularity permissions mean you can quickly and easily enable your project teams to collaborate in the development of specific project materials and provide access to these materials to your clients when they are ready for delivery whilst fully respecting any confidentiality requirements.

Board Reporting

Board reports are typically produced by several contributors and need to be distributed to a number of recipients often in disparate locations. With Sosius all elements of the report can be gathered together in one convenient location, all recipients can be easily notified when the reports are ready to go and when they need to look back at previous reports there is a single version of the truth.

Support Center 

Good product and service support is not just about providing static user guides.  It is also about letting clients know how your offering is developing over time, providing the means for them to help each other and creating over time a comprehensive searchable knowledge base.  With Sosius blogs, discussion forums and file versioning all these aims are achievable with the least possible effort.

Candidate Management

Whether you are bringing someone into your company or considering them for a new role, it is important to get a 360 view of their capabilities and your team's opinions. The Sosius platform lets you upload core documentation such as role specifications, CVs and LinkedIn profiles and allow all relevant people to express their comments about the candidates suitability.

Company Intranet/Extranet

FTP sites are too primitive and Sharepoint requires substantial expensive IT support to implement and maintain.  With the Sosius platform you get a rich file sharing environment, with a wide range of additional online database, calendar, chat and other capabilities that you can make use of when your are ready, all easily configured by normal business users without any input from IT.

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Industry Solutions


With expensive tender processes and complex builds involving a wide range of regulations and sub-contractors, efficient coordination across multiple stakeholders both within and outside the company is a vital ingredient for successful project delivery. The Sosius platform's enterprise-standard access control and mobile compatibility mean that the right information is always available to the people who need it throughout the design and build phases whether they are in the office or onsite.

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Whether in the areas of banking, insurance, venture capital or accounting, strong compliance with defined processes and timely delivery of accurate numbers is critical to profitability. The Sosius platform's comprehensive workflow and real-time notification capabilities ensure decision-makers have all the information they need when they need it.

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Refining the message and getting it out to the greatest possible proportion of your target audience is crucial to a successful marketing campaign. The Sosius platform's tiered content delivery and RSS broadcasting capabilities let you manage sign-off with your client in private before publishing marketing content to defined groups or the world at large.


Few sectors face greater challenges than the management across multiple jurisdictions of the medical lifecycle from field research to clinical trials to product release to service delivery. The Sosius platform lets you manage sophisticated projects, with many internal and external participants, backed up with easy-to-use online databases to keep track of your results to take the pain out healthcare management.



Enabling ongoing incremental development of the curriculum and managing efficient course registration across a broad student community helps institutions deliver a superior education on a tight budget. The Sosius platform's structured content, file versioning and easy-to-use online databases help teachers focus not on technology but on communicating their passion in their chosen field to the thought leaders of tomorrow.

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For a sector which is very project driven, the ability for employees to engage uniformly via one platform, allowing multiple stakeholders to contribute, is key to the successful running of the business. Clean energy operations, oil and gas businesses and energy consultancies who run concurrent major and complex build and supply projects are seeing Sosius as a key element to everyday communication.

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Managing huge volumes of partners, suppliers and customers is a challenging job, and Sosius provides the ability for users to simplify these tasks through the provision of a central platform. Employees within these businesses work across many disciplines and regions so require flexibility and inclusiveness to ensure all stakeholders in their projects can contribute intuitively.